SERVALESA takes care and undertakes a careful process in order to allow remarkable levels of quality and efficacy. SERVALESA is in charge of the research and development of products up to the final stage of placing it in the market.


Servalesa’s commitment to research and development is the key to success. This allows access to innovative and highly effective products which are profitable for farmers due to the attributes contained in each one of them.


SERVALESA is continuously investing in the improvement of its production processes. SERVALESA’s facilities count on with advanced mixing and reaction systems to produce its products, with automated and versatile control systems ensuring a high quality in final products and exhaustive control of these, minimizing the human factor.

Thanks to an exclusive computer management system, all the production processes are monitored, allowing integrated control of these.


Following the same philosophy as abovementioned, automation and flexibility in packaging of both liquids and solids is a key matter to achieve a competitive product with high quality standards, enabling us to smoothly adapt to all formats with the greatest versatility.

Our high production capacity and our commitment to quality ensure our customers an effective supply of any type of product in due time and form.


SERVALESA’s facilities feature cutting edge technology to enable greater effectiveness of the different departments of the company.