Ecological biostimulant with amino acids and potassium for moments of physiological stress

SERVAL NK® is a physical blend of amino acids obtained from biological fermentation and natural potassium salts.

The nitrogen contained in SERVAL NK®, which is exclusively organic in origin, comes from the amino acids contained. As a result there is a total absence of additional nitrogen from nitric, ammonium-based or ureic sources. This means that it can be used as a fertilizer on crops being grown according to organic principles.

The amino acids contained in SERVAL NK® are obtained from the biological fermentation of protein-rich substrates, meaning that they are exclusively the biologically active L-amino acids that the plant can make use of. There is no presence of racemic mixtures of amino acids obtained from acid hydrolysis.

The potassium contained in SERVAL NK® is natural in origin and easily assimilated by the crop. The product has been designed to be applied in all types of drip-irrigated crop as a nitrogen- and potassium-based fertilizer, and also in order to encourage the biosynthesis of proteins and sugars. Concentrated application can be used in difficult moments in the growth cycle (cold weather and impoverished soil), and stages of the crop cycle when extra nutrition is required to encourage growth, flowering and setting.


• Foliar: 100-250 g/hL.

Remarks: Base solutions with a concentration of up to 250 g/L can be prepared in addition and added on to the irrigation system if the crop has any specific need. 


Nitrogen (N) total 9.00%
Nitrogen (N) organic 9.00%
Free amino acids 68.00%
Water-soluble Potassium (K2O) 12.00%

Aminogram: 68% glutamic acid obtained from the fermentation of Corynebacterium glutamicum