Salinity corrector of soils with calcium and organic acids

BIOSAL® is a partially-complexed calcium solution with a certain amount of organic matter (4,2%) which acts as an exchange tool of sodium cations. Its application is conceived to provide calcium and exchange it with sodium cations; subsequently sodium can be solubilised and removed via irrigation water, avoiding phytotoxicity in the crop due to excess of sodium salinity.


Remarks: Dosage of Biosal can be established by knowing beforehand the salinity level of the soil by measuring the ionic conductivity. The volume of Biosal, in mL, per liter of irrigation water, can be deduced by multiplying x4 the conductivity expressed in mS/cm. For example, if the conductivity is 5 mS/cm, the dose should be 20 mL/L of water. For fertigation, the dose should generally be 30 to 80 liters per Ha per crop cycle. For flood irrigation, the dose should generally be 60 to 120 liters per Ha per crop cycle. Maintenance: add 20 to 40 ml of product per m3 of the irrigation area.


Nitrogen (N) total 8.00%
Water-soluble Calcium Oxide (CaO) 14.00%
Calcium Oxide (CaO) complexed with lignosulphonate 7.00%
Complexing agent: Lignosulphonate