Mitigates botrytis cinerea injuries

BOTRYFUN® is a unique and exceptional product, designed to prevent or neutralize attacks by Botrytis cinerea. BOTRYFUN® works in two different ways: If it is applied after a pathogen attack has begun, the product acts on the spores of the fungus to dry them out. When applied as a preventive treatment, it forms a physical barrier designed to stop the pathogen reaching the epidermis of the plant. BOTRYFUN® also provides a coating for the treated fruit, thus improving its appearance. It remains active even after harvesting, to maintain protection during the initial storage period. It can even be applied during harvesting, with no need for any waiting time. This product does not leave residues in the treated crop.

  • A natural, biodegradable product, effective at preventing or controlling the damage caused by grey rot (Botrytis cinerea).
  • Can also be used as part of strategies designed to avoid the development of resistance to fungicides, with application possible even during harvesting. 
  • Acts preventively to provide a physical barrier that denies access to organisms likely to harm the plant Acts at the post-infection stage, likewise in a physical manner, to “dry out” the pathogen. This drying effect attacks not only the external elements of the pathogen; it also acts on the damage caused to the fruit. 
  • The product is characterized by its notable ability to “heal” the damage caused by Botrytis infections. This healing of the damage caused by the primary infection prevents future spore attacks, with the product turning itself into an “eradicator”. 
  • Does not penetrate vegetable tissue; acts only externally. 
  • Does not leave residues in the treated crop. 
  • Does not affect the quality of the grape juice or the winemaking process, when applied to grapevines. 
  • Respects the presence of “useful arthropods”, and is compatible with IPM strategies. 
  • The efficiency of this product also extends to the post-harvesting period to cover the initial storage stage.

Product description according to its legal classification in Spain


• Foliar: 250-300 cc/hL


Esterified organic acids 18.00%