The exclusive and short-lived meeting place

For biostimulant experts only

Enter the space where professionals from the field meet to highlight and share knowledge about the benefits of biostimulants in agriculture.

An in-depth vision at how biostimulants can improve soil quality, increase nutrient uptake, strengthen plant defence systems and optimise crop yields.

A place where experimentation and exchange of experiences between farmers will be encouraged.

As a club member, you will have the opportunity to enjoy amazing and exclusive shows. These shows have been designed to amaze you even more about the power of Servalesa’s biostimulants WOW!. We leave it unknown where the shows will take place… come to our stand and let us surprise you.


Biostimulants Club

An overview of Servalesa biostimulants around the world.

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BIOSTIMULANTS CLUB is an exclusive organisation and membership requires meeting certain criteria. We value commitment to sustainable agriculture, knowledge sharing and ethical crop management. If you share these values and are willing to explore new ways to improve your agricultural production, we would be delighted to welcome you to our select club.