A cookie is a piece of data stored locally on your computer that contains information about your Internet activities. The data in a cookie does not contain any information that identifies the person accessing the website. Users should also bear in mind that the Website uses cookies from other tools, including, but not limited to, Google Analytics, Google Antword, Facebook, etc., so it can analyse the behaviour of Users accessing the Website and, therefore, to manage advertising spaces in the most effective way.


Cookies are used on the Website to track User traffic, which allows the Company to make any necessary improvements based on usage data. Cookies help the Company to achieve maximum performance for the Website and to offer as many services or products as necessary.

What types of cookies are used on the Website?

Third-party cookies: Cookies sent to the User’s terminal from a domain or website that is not managed by the Company, but by entities whose task is to process the data obtained through the cookies.

Session cookies: These are cookies designed to collect and store data while the user accesses a website.

Interface customisation cookies: Cookies that store user experience preferences, for example, the language selected.

Analysis cookies: These are cookies that, whether processed by the Company or by third parties, enable the controller to quantify the number of Users accessing the Website, and to measure and carry out a statistical analysis of how they use it. For this purpose, browsing of the Website is analysed in order to improve the range of products or services offered through the Website.


Users have the right to accept or reject cookies. It should be noted that most browsers accept them automatically, but users can modify the browser settings to reject those cookies that they do not agree with, in line with their preferences. To modify the browser settings regarding the acceptance or rejection of cookies, Users will generally need to access the browser preferences panel and make any modifications they choose.

Once the User closes the browser used to access the Website, this will terminate access to the cookies and there shall be no subsequent traceability by the Company.


In accordance with current legislation, the Company is obliged to obtain consent for the use of cookies for accessing the Website. There is a clear notice that redirects the home page to this cookie policy, thus making it easier for the user to browse the website. If the User continues to use the Website, after having seen the notice and without rejecting the cookies, this is taken as tacit acceptance of the cookies, authorising the Company to use them for the purposes described above.


If, on the other hand, the User decides not to consent to the cookies used on the Website, this may affect certain areas of the Website. Should the User not accept the cookies, they should not continue browsing the Website.


The Company fully reserves the right to update or modify this cookie policy to adapt it to legal provisions or regulations currently in force or in the process of being adopted by the competent bodies, as well as to any resolution issued by a Court, consumer agency or any other competent authority, all within the national territory of Spain.

When this cookie policy is modified, the date of the last update will be shown.

In accordance with the above, this cookie policy was last updated on 5 October 2021.


Should the User have any queries or suggestions regarding this cookie policy, they may contact the Company by e-mail or by sending their request by post to C. de la Pinadeta, 26A, 46930 Quart de Poblet, Valencia, Spain.