The art of


Servalesa has its own manufacturing model based on the expertise we have acquired throughout our history, formulating and manufacturing sustainable technology with the commitment to ensure quality in all our processes, from the design of our products to their development and commercialisation. At Servalesa, manufacture is an art form

Our Own Manufacturing Model

The manufacturing model involves our R&D, manufacturing, formulation and quality departments. Its main function is to coordinate the industrial activity to respond efficiently to commercial needs, enabling us to serve the markets that Servalesa works in

To describe the Servalesa Manufacturing Model, we need to consider the following items:

The Quart de Poblet facilities represent the culmination of an industrial project that accumulates more than 40 years of evolution of the production processes. This has enabled us to position ourselves as one of the leading centres for phytosanitary products, fertilisers and biostimulants, able to provide a global response thanks to our technology, facilities and location, in the surroundings of the logistics hub of the port of Valencia.

Our model is characterised by adaptability and flexibility, enabling us to face the challenges and dilemmas of the market in all its key processes: formulations, labelling, packaging, etc.

Rigour and traceability throughout the development of Servalesa products, especially in the formulation processes, where we deal with a high variability of formulations, and precision in each development is key in our manufacturing model. This enables us to keep our production processes and thus our quality standards consistent

Synergy with other departments so we can stay up to date on market trends to meet the real needs of our customers when developing our products

We employ a multidisciplinary team of professionals, where knowledge of chemistry, production, industrial planning and operational support converge. A diverse team, but with one common goal: to continue evolving in the development of our products, for the farming of the future

Quality and Environmental Management System

As a result of our commitment to all our stakeholders or interest groups, it is a priority for Servalesa to implement a Quality and Environmental System that allows us to provide products and/or services that meet the requirements and expectations of our customers, as well as the applicable legal and regulatory requirements. The Quality and Environmental Department ensures that this system is properly maintained, making members of the organisation aware of their duty to identify, control and improve the Quality levels under their responsibility, seeking to achieve excellence in all our activities.

Therefore, in order to understand our perception of the concept of quality and system, it is necessary to differentiate between two concepts:

This concerns the process of design, development, production and validation of elements strictly concerning the product. Ultimately, the quality of the final product (product and production-based approach to the concept).

Numerous interrelated elements are combined within the Servalesa Quality and Environmental Management System to produce and market our catalogue. This interrelationship provides us with a transversal system, which is necessary to adopt a horizontal approach between departments, so that all are involved in the implementation and maintenance of the system. This commitment and teamwork allows Servalesa to benefit from the synergies generated by several areas working towards the same goal. This is not only about the quality of our products, but also about the quality of the system through which they are developed and marketed.

The mission is to identify the key processes and their interrelationship. Once they have been identified, we begin evaluating and monitoring them in order to achieve another of the main objectives: continuous improvement. Effectiveness, efficiency and minimisation of negative environmental impacts will be the priority.
The system is audited by the Quality and Environmental Department to ensure that it is implemented, maintained and is evolving over time.
The main objective is customer satisfaction, which can be achieved through continuous improvement, thanks to the commitment and involvement of the entire organisation, always aiming to achieve the highest possible quality in all the processes involved.
Our Quality System has been consolidated over time through more than 20 years of implementation, subject to the structure of the latest version of the international standard ISO 9001:2015, with its subsequent accredited certification.
Our Environmental System is subjected to the structure of the latest version of the international standard ISO 14001:2015, with its subsequent accredited certification.