FORTIOLIVO® is a stable formulation of phosphorus and potassium in the presence of magnesium cation. Its application is designed as a phosphorus and magnesium supplement to correct deficiencies of these essential elements. Together with the presence of magnesium cation in a balanced proportion to optimally activate metabolic processes such as sprouting, flowering and fruit setting, giving a greater number of fruits of better quality and calibre. As for phosphorus, it is highly available to the plant, is more efficient than traditionally used phosphorus sources and does not react with active limestone in the soil.
The application of FORTIOLIVO® by fertigation promotes root development and activity. In the case of leaf application, it acidifies and stabilises the pH (buffering power), solubilising the nutritive elements supplied to the leaves, ensuring a better affinity and assimilation of the nutrient solution by the plant cuticle, without precipitation of the elements with the calcium carbonate in the water.
It is recommended for all types of crops and soils. In particular, it is recommended for olive, citrus, fruit, vegetables, vines and ornamentals. In olive trees, its use is especially advisable where hard or alkaline water is used.




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