MAS RAIZ®+ is a biostimulant product formulated with saccharides and proteogenic and non-proteogenic amino acids, which plays a fundamental role in the development of the root system, in the increase of seed germination rate and in the development of seedlings (the priming effect). The biostimulant effect of MAS RAIZ®+ is based on the combined effect of its main components, soluble sugars, glutamic acid and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which provide a source of energy that translates into increased rooting capacity, establishment of newly transplanted crops and improved root-rhizosphere interaction.
On the one hand, the function of GABA as a biostimulant is based on its capacity as a signaling molecule in the regulation of growth and development. It is also an important component of nitrogen metabolism and as a regulator of antioxidant systems. All these functions are decisive in the early stages of cultivation, when the root system is in the initial stages of development.
On the other hand, saccharides or sugars are the initial links of primary metabolites generated during photosynthesis through the fixation of atmospheric CO2. The metabolic and physiological role of sugars is diverse, ranging from the formation of basic structures of new plant tissues (cell wall) to the synthesis of molecules to accumulate ener




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