SERGOMIL® L60 is a biostimulant product formulated with saccharide derivatives as acid monomers, which play a role in inducing plant vigor, growth and development. SERGOMIL® L60 is based on a unique formulation, developed by Servalesa, which combines two main components: saccharide derivatives (of plant origin, obtained by biological fermentation and containing bioactive molecules) and systemic ionic copper, with the ability to penetrate inside the crops, exerting a diverse mode of action.

On the one hand, SERGOMIL® L60 is capable of supplying and increasing copper systemically in crops. The benefits of increasing copper levels in the plant are multiple because this element is part of several enzyme complexes linked to photosynthesis and respiration. On the other hand, the increase of copper in crops mitigates several physiopathologies associated with its deficiency.

SERGOMIL® L60 stimulates the biosynthesis and accumulation of lignin in plant cell walls, thus strengthening plant tissues and improving fruit firmness and optimizing crop quality.

SERGOMIL® L60 activates key metabolic processes and pathways for the biosynthesis of proteins and specific secondary metabolites associated with critical phases of the crop cycle, contributing to improve the plant development of the crop.





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