In both conventional and organic farming, there is one type of product the use of which has increased exponentially, with benefits are becoming increasingly evident: biostimulants. Their use helps to improve crop yields and quality and consequently encourages farmers to produce more efficiently. In other words, to produce more with fewer resources.

This is due to the compositions of agricultural biostimulants, which include different chemical compounds or micro-organisms that help plants to improve and regulate their physiological and biochemical processes in order to make crops more efficient. This shows the big difference between a biostimulant and a fertiliserFertilisers provide the plant with the nutrients it needs to develop properly. Biostimulants, on the other hand, do not provide nutrients directly, but stimulate the plant’s own physiological processes to improve the availability and uptake of nutrients.

However, agricultural biostimulants not only improve crop yield and quality, but also optimise the consumption of other resources, such as fertilisers and manure. In addition, they promote plant tolerance to abiotic stress and assist by speeding up the recovery period. For all these reasons, it is fair to state that biostimulants are a driver for more effective, efficient and therefore more sustainable agriculture. Focusing on citrus fruit, the use of biostimulants can be even more decisive in achieving more sustainable citriculture.

The citrus-growing areas are characterised by water scarcity and poor water quality, as well as variable soil conditions. These are factors that may hamper citrus crop production in the medium to long term. Looking at it from this perspective, we can conclude that biostimulants become a strategic tool to activate the plant’s metabolism. They can achieve a more efficient citrus crop, with a greater response to abiotic stresses, promoting a cutting-edge and sustainable citriculture.


FOLSER® is a cutting-edge biostimulant with an exclusive formulation composed of a vitamin extract, plant extracts of marine origin, a balance of nutrients and growth factors developed by Servalesa. FOLSER® helps to optimise flowering and improves fruit set, and also optimises the vigour and vegetative development of the plant.

The action method of FOLSER® is based on its capacity to stimulate and participate directly in the formation of new molecular units in the plant (amino acids and phytohormones etc.), especially at the time of maximum demand, which coincides with flowering and subsequent fruit set. 

FOLSER® helps the formation of the plant’s reproductive organs and the accumulation of auxins in the flower. This accumulation helps to optimise pollen tube elongation and therefore improve fruit set.

The application of FOLSER® benefits varieties with low fruit set, springs with irregular bioclimatic conditions and crops with a low leaf mass index.

FEEDSER® is a cutting-edge biostimulant with an exclusive formulation composed of a concentrate of glycine-betaine, calcium, potassium and growth factors developed by Servalesa. FEEDSER® helps to improve fruit growth, even in times of stress due to high temperatures, which normally coincides with this phenological moment in citrus fruits.

The action method of FEEDSER® is based on its exclusive formulation which provides the necessary elements to meet the crop’s demand in the key growth phase.

  • Potassium: increases tissue turgidity and consistency, which predisposes the plant to cope with stressful incidents. On the other hand, it is a key element in the process of accumulation of sugars and amino acids metabolised in photosynthesis in sink organs.
  • Calcium: important element for quality improvement by strengthening the cell wall structure. Calcium also plays a role in regulating the stomata of the crop and protects the plant against abiotic stesses.
  • Glycine-betaine: substance with an osmoprotective and osmoregulatory effect, aimed at extending the opening of stomata at times when the crop is under stress due to high temperatures, achieving a greater accumulation of active plant time during this critical period and in this way, helping to improve fruit growth.

The application of FEEDSER® is recommended to achieve larger sizes in both mandarins and oranges.

BETASER® is a state-of-the-art biostimulant with an exclusive formulation made up of a high concentration of glycine-betaine, vegetable extracts of marine origin and growth factors developed by Servalesa. BETASER® is designed to protect the crop against abiotic stress phenomena (heat stress, water stress and salt stress etc.)

The action method of BETASER® is based on the ability to stimulate and influence the plant to protect it through osmoprotection (accumulation of solutes from the cell to the outside) by influencing the adjustment of the osmotic potential. This function is of particular interest in the event of expected low temperatures, to mitigate frost damage. BETASER® also has an osmoregulatory capacity for stomata closure/opening and can be a complement to the application of BETASER® in extreme episodes of high temperatures during the summer.

SERGOMAX® is a cutting-edge biostimulant with an exclusive formulation based on molecular complexes of several metals (Cu, Mn and Zn). It is also intended to activate sap flow (after winter rest or after stressful incidents causing a vegetative standstill) and regeneratesconductive vessels (xylem and phloem) while also achieving homogeneous growth and development of the different phases of the cycle.

The action method of SERGOMAX® is based on its capacity to bio-activate and induce metabolic processes in the plant to promote a strong flow of sap, generating a balance between the aerial and root parts. It also stimulates the synthesis of regenerative and antioxidant substances (such as polyphenols, phytoalexins and different types of proteins.