FEEDSER® is a cutting-edge biostimulant with an exclusive formulation composed of glycine-betaine, potassium and calcium complexed by gluconic acid. In addition, the formulation includes selected growth factors.

FEEDSER® has been specifically designed to provide your crops with fruit fattening and grain filling stimulation. Thanks to its composition, crops will also find it easier to overcome situations of extreme abiotic stress (heat, water, salt stress, etc.). This contributes to an optimal fruit size, improving the profitability of the harvest.

The application of FEEDSER® is recommended in order to:

1. Favour fruit fattening and grain filling.
2. Improve crop yield under stress conditions (drought, high and low temperatures, etc).
3. Help optimise stomatal closure at critical moments, allowing optimal development at the time of fruit fattening.
4. It provides complexed high-assimilation calcium, which aids the production of proteins that regulate heat shock. In addition, it participates in the reinforcement of the cell wall structure, grouping into compounds that provide stability.
5. It provides potassium, capable of creating osmotic potential in the cells and neutralising negative electric charges, and participates in the translocation of amino acids and sugars in the fruits, contributing to improved fattening.




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