PCa2® MAX is a biostimulant product formulated with silicon dioxide, thiamine hydrochloride and seaweed extract. It plays a key role in unlocking soil nutrients, promoting their availability to optimise nutrition, significantly influence crop growth and improve quality parameters (caliber and obrix). The biostimulant effect of PCa2® MAX is based on the combined effect of its main components, silicon dioxide, vitamin B1 and algae extract, which synergistically contribute to making nutrients available to the crops.

In order for silicon to be assimilated by the plant, it must be in an amorphous and opaline state which, when hydrolyzed with water, forms orthosilicic acid. PCa2® MAX contains high concentrations of orthosilicic acid which, when applied directly to the soil, has numerous benefits:

  1. Firstly, it increases the availability of phosphorus as it can react with the complexes and take the place of the phosphate ion, releasing the phosphorus and increasing its availability in the soil.
  2. It also has the ability to leach heavy metals by creating complexes with aluminium, iron, manganese, etc.
  3. It can influence the CEC and increase water retention in the soil. It can also reduce salinity.
  4. High silicon concentrations in the soil-plant system can increase the proportion of air-filled space, contributing to a better oxygenation of the rhizosphere and increasing the oxidizing power of heavy metals.

On the other hand, it is important to highlight the fundamental role of Vitamin B1 in the formulation — it is a growth-promoting agent and plant bioactivator which improves the root condition and metabolic processes of the plant, protecting it against abiotic stress phenomena and improving the production and quality of the harvest. Finally, the role of seaweed extract as a soil quality improver and its high content of matrix and reserve polysaccharides, bioactivators and bioantioxidants, in addition to other growth factors, should also be highlighted.





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