QUALIFUN® is a biostimulant product formulated with ammonium hydrogen sulphate, which plays a fundamental role in stimulating plant growth and improving fruit size. The biostimulant effect of QUALIFUN® is based on the combined effect of its main components, systemic sulphate and different chemical forms of oxygen, which exert a unique mode of action.
QUALIFUN® is not only an aqueous formulation of systemic soluble sulfur since the product is formulated in a medium of high oxidation with a significant concentration of different chemical forms of oxygen. These reactive oxygen species (ROS) are directly involved in the stimulation and activation of different key metabolic systems in critical moments of the cycle, inducing optimal development of the plant and contributing to improve quality parameters of the harvest.
Its physiological role goes beyond the merely nutritional. Although the sulfur plays a fundamental role in the formation of proteins, chlorophylls and other compounds of the primary metabolism that ensure optimal vigor and development of the plant, also plays a key role against situations of abiotic stress, as it is a fundamental piece in the synthesis of compounds linked to free radical detoxification mechanisms usually generated in such situations.




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