SIDEFUN® is a biostimulant product formulated with unsaturated organic acids in the form of potassium salts, which play a fundamental role in optimizing plant growth parameters, improving yield and crop quality. The biostimulant effect of SIDEFUN® is based on the combined effect of its main components, unsaturated organic acids at a concentration of 19.00 % w/w and potassium oxide at 7.90 % w/w, which exert a unique mode of action.
The unsaturated organic acids contained in SIDEFUN® are acids with antioxidant activity and multiple functions in the plant associated with photosynthesis and activation of key metabolic pathways for optimal development and quality. This antioxidant effect alleviates the oxidative stress generated in the cell wall at critical crop times, which causes cell degradation leading to loss of yield and crop quality. Applying SIDEFUN® will result in improved fruit firmness and optimizing cell wall conditions, thanks to the role played by unsaturated organic acids.
On the other hand, potassium is one of the essential macronutrients necessary for normal plant growth and development, it plays an important role in plant water relations and in the regulation of the osmotic potential of plant cells. Potassium is a cofactor for numerous key enzymes that control basic metabolic reactions in plants, and is important in osmoregulation, cell extension, stomatal conductance, photosynthesis, respiration, solute transport and protein synthesis.




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