SERVAPTON® is a product based on a high richness of free amino acids, peptides and low molecular weight polypeptides. The product comes from animal proteins based on collagen, whereby we use a controlled hydrolysis process to obtain a stable, purified product which is ideal due to its total and rapid absorption by the plant.
Its amino acids are in the form of L levodoxins, which are the active ones that form proteins in plants. In addition, it contains a rich aminogram, where all the essential amino acids are present.
After its immediate absorption, translocation and transformation into plant proteins, various metabolic processes are also activated, resulting in better vegetative development and consequently a higher yield.
Its application is conceived for all types of crops, both as a biostimulant and also to help overcome stress situations during phenological moments of high energy demand (such as fruit set and fattening), in situations of extreme temperatures, salinity and drought. In general, it can be applied when it is necessary to enhance crop activity. In olive groves, its application is recommended during spring-autumn periods and should not be applied to the edible parts of the crop.





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