The WOW! effect is to surprise by a perfect combination of the noticeable and the memorable. This is exactly what we at Servalesa wanted to seek and which we ultimately found in ourselves.

The WOW! effect is created by developing an experience that combines visibility and
the principle of memorability. Visible things are those which leave no-one unaffected, which make people talk, which stand out — in short, things that make a difference. On the
other hand, memorable things are those which make an impact, leave a memory, are  noteworthy and occupy a space in the user’s mind. Creating an effect that is out of the ordinary implies that it is unexpected, but at the same time it must be successful and make sense.

Therefore, the basis of the WOW! effect must be fuelled by a meaningful conceptualisation
in which there is a reason why it is created and it is strongly conveyed in the minds of those who experience it.

Observing and analysing helps you find what makes you stand out, and what sets you apart. And that is how we at Servalesa were able to see that we had some elements that made us unique, that caused a WOW! effect, the concept we needed to share, in just two words, the message that our biostimulants create and that we want to transmit — the WOW! effect



The WOW! effect of our biostimulants is understood based on the combination of everything that Servalesa creates, develops and works on to make our biostimulants WOW!

Why WOW! biostimulants? 

  1. The research and development work on our biostimulants aims to surprise through innovation and technology to create unique products adapted to today’s agricultural needs. Everything about this development is undoubtedly WOW!
  1. The art of manufacturing is also WOW! The experience, research and knowhow accumulated over more than four decades in formulating biostimulants is a differential value of Servalesa. We are aware of the importance of the quality of the formulations, traceability, thoroughness and supplier selection, and ensuring that all the processes carried out in the company are carefully integrated into a quality system. The work that our entire team does to make this happen is WOW!
  1. WOW! means detailed knowledge of the scope of our biostimulants, and to this end we devote a large part of our resources to agronomic positioning and development of our biostimulants. The objective of the technical team in this area is to study, understand and demonstrate the effectiveness of our products in order to be able to transmit this knowledge to all corners of the world. WOW! Don’t you agree?
  1. The emergence of biostimulants in the last decade has led to the
    recognition of their key role in today’s agriculture by official bodies. The WOW! effect is to surprise by a perfect combination of the noticeable and the memorable. This is exactly what we at Servalesa wanted to seek, and which we ultimately found
    in ourselves. THE WOW EFFECT! — WE SOUGHT, AND WE FOUND!
    At Servalesa we have pioneered registration processes to be able to position a wide range of biostimulants in the market, all duly registered and in accordance with the law. France, Italy, the Czech Republic, Spain… and now the new EU fertiliser law isn’t a problem. Servalesa’s regulatory team is, without a doubt, WOW!
  1. Quart de Poblet is WOW! Not our own words (that would look very bad), but those of our visitors. Our new facilities are equipped with the latest technology for the research, development and manufacture of biostimulants. In short — a true technological and industrial centre dedicated to biostimulants.
  1. The result of all Servalesa’s work can be summarised as follows: 3 ranges of
    very WOW! biostimulants that bring together our commitment and dedication to become a benchmark company in biostimulants. These three ranges are based on effectiveness, in other words, the ability to make the farmer say “WOW!” when applying our products. They are also based on sustainability and respect for the environment, which makes them compatible with strategies based on zero waste, integrated production, organic and biodynamic farming.

In short — a perfect circle of features, elements, projects, etc., that aim for excellence and surprise our users.



As we’ve already said, the WOW! effect is a cycle that must be closed in order to create meaning. To do this, we need to talk about the Servalesa sales process, the last link in a cycle in which all parts are essential and need each other to be unique.

The Servalesa sales process, as well as having the usual segments of a purchasing process, such as attracting and selling, incorporates a third section that makes us different and gives us added value: the WOW! 

This is the part that our customers feel when they pass it on and are able to check out:

  • Our proximity.
  • Our transparency.
  • The shopping experience.
  • The value of our R&D.
  • Safety and quality in our manufacturing
  • Our thoroughness.
  • That know-how that helps us detect
    the needs of the market.



One of the keys to the WOW! factor that our biostimulants produce is that they comprise 3 unique ranges consisting of over 45 products that position Servalesa

The range set to revolutionise the biostimulant
sector. This group of products evolves the conventional concept of biostimulants and includes active ingredients and modes of action that make them unique.

  • The products in the Neoestim range
    are composed of exclusive active substances developed and selected by Servalesa.
  • These are products aimed at activating
    specific metabolic responses so
    that crops can overcome the various
    critical phases throughout their cycle
    caused by different factors.
  • The products included in this range
    are legally covered. All formulations
    have been registered and authorised
    in France or the Czech Republic, after
    passing a rigorous registration process
    where effectiveness has been
    demonstrated and which guarantee
    respect for human and animal health
    and the environment.

The range of biostimulants based on micro-organisms. These products are unique on the market thanks to the Biological Nature seal of approval.Our technology partner is a team with more than 30 years of experience, dedicated to researching, developing and producing microorganism-based formulations in-house.

  • The products in the B’Nature range
    are composed of micro-organisms
    resulting from Biológica Nature’s research.
    We have our own strainarium
    with a great diversity of genera and
    strains of microorganisms prepared
    to develop different biostimulant formulations.
  • They are efficiency-based products
    aimed at optimising fertilisation and
    solving soil problems based on regeneration,
    thanks to the multiple modes
    of action of micro-organisms.
  • The B’Nature range has products registered
    in Spain, Czech Republic, Italy
    and at European level.
  • All products are manufactured in-house,
    ensuring the quality of the formulations

The Servalesa range of biostimulants are unique formulations that have contributed to the positioning of Servalesa as a benchmark company. The aim of this range is to evolve and complement conventional formulations to
achieve excellence in effectiveness.

  • They contribute to improved tolerance
    to abiotic stress.
  • They optimise the use and efficiency
    of nutrients in plants.
  • They activate crop metabolism.
  • They contribute to improve the development
    of the plant.
  • They improve crop quality and yield